Functional HR Assessments

  • Do you wonder if you have the basics covered for your business?
  • Do you need to investigate your attraction and retention efforts?
  • Is an audit of exemption classifications needed?
  • Would you benefit from a new perspective on effectiveness?

In order to reach your goals, you need to identify where you are today and map the road to achievement.  MBL associates and principals are experience HR leaders, who understand the utility and the versatility of the function.   We’ll look, listen and learn how things are working for you today and identify options and opportunities for your future.

Performance Management

  • Are your performance reviews taking up a whole lot of time and delivering little value?
  • Have the drivers for success changed?
  • Is it time to align performance with pay?
  • Do your managers need a refresher course on performance management conversations?

Performance management is critical to the success of your employees.  How it is conducted and what form it takes varies from organization to organization.  We’ll work with you to ensure we understand what you want from your performance management systems and where you need refinement.  Then we’ll help you model and implement the tools that meet your goals.

Employee Handbooks

  • Is it time to document all of the “understood” practices for your staff?
  • Have changes in your environment outdated your written policies?
  • Do you need to evaluate and benchmark your practices?

Employee handbooks can provide a comprehensive overview of all policies and procedures, or they can be stand alone, subject-focused products.  Whether you provide information to your employees in hard-copy or electronic formats (or both), these materials should reflect the culture and tone of your organization as well as clearly communicate the message and significance of the information.   We have a vast amount of HR writing experience that we can put to work for you creating and editing the content you need.

Employee Surveys

  • How do you determine where to target your benefits budget, do you know what programs are and are not valued by your staff?
  • Do you know what your staff priorities are for the next year?
  • Are you implementing organizational initiatives and need to measure success metrics over time?

Whether you have already implemented change initiatives or you are not planning any organizational changes at this time, an employee survey can provide significant value.  Surveys send important messages to your staff, communicating that their input and concerns are valued and taken into consideration when leadership makes decisions concerning the organization.  This can create a higher sense of moral and loyalty, when surveys are conducted and administered with forethought following best practices.  We’ve worked with organizations large and small to create, administer and evaluate employee surveys and we can help you get the best results from conducting a survey.

Custom Research

  • Would an industry targeted salary survey be the best, or only, way to get the data you need?
  • Do you need competitive data focused on a single practice area, such as Paid Time Off?
  • Are you struggling with find survey resources that can meet your needs?

Collaborating with you, we can design and conduct research to help you make informed decisions and grow your business.  And if we can find data in existing published surveys, we will help you connect with the resources you need. We work to provide you to make your project a success, and ensure the highest quality and value at every stage in the process.