Job Descriptions

  • Has organizational growth outpaced the capture of clear job expectations?
  • Do you want to create career ladders within teams?  Define promotional criteria?
  • Are you looking to align performance competencies with job levels?

Building solid job content enhances recruitment, performance management, coaching and development as well as meeting organization needs for consistency, compliance and benchmarking.  We are experienced with a wide variety of job description methods and models.  Tell us your needs and we’ll work with you to customize tools that improve your efforts.

Market Benchmarking

  • What are the competitive market wages for your positions?
  • Do you have salary data you have confidence in?
  • Are you losing candidates in salary negotiations?
  • Do you worry about losing your top talent to a better offer?

MBL maintains a comprehensive salary survey library with which we can create custom reports from data you can trust.  We work to understand the job responsibilities, scope and impact of your position and build you a picture of the competitive compensation.  You can make decisions with confidence.

Base Pay Delivery

  • Are you spending a significant amount of time determining starting salaries and pay increases?
  • Is your current pay structure too complicated and confusing for your managers to manage?
  • Have wages gone rogue with employees earning pay rates outside of the pay ranges?
  • Are you struggling with salary compression and pay inequities?

You heard this before: there is freedom within structure.  Once you build the fence, you can open the door and let the dog run around, knowing the boundaries are there. Functional base pay systems set boundaries that empower your organization to efficiently manage wages.  We’ve built base pay structures for organizations of all shapes and sizes and have the expertise to guide you in constructing or re-building a structure that provides you with the freedom to run your business.

Incentive Awards

  • Is it time to turn your discretionary dollar giveaways into measurable performance awards?
  • Do you want to build a program which shares organizational success with all team members equitably?
  • Do you want to maximize your competitive total cash compensation position through at-risk incentives for your executive team?
  • Are the awards your sales staff receives in alignment with your organizational strategies?

Bonus/incentive programs are powerful devices to focus, motivate, align and reward performance.  Ensuring that these programs are designed, structured, communicated and implemented properly takes experience.  MBL has been designing and implementing incentive programs with our clients for nearly 20 years and we can use our experience to help you create a successful program.

Total Rewards

  • Do you need to strategize changes to your compensation programs?
  • Are your benefits, salaries and incentives in alignment with your philosophy and goals?
  • Do you want to develop total rewards communications for your employees?

The salaries and benefits expense of your organization represents a substantial investment in your workforce.  We can help you with tools to perform regular reviews of these total investments against your strategies as well as ensuring the value is communicated to your staff.  You can ensure that your investments are sound.